Danny Glover recently earned the Moron of the Month award for speaking about Haiti’s earthquake. He came awfully close to blaming that magnificent bastard’s (Karl Rove) earthquake machine for the disaster.

They should cancel Jay Leno and Woody Woodpecker (Conan). Jimmy Kimmel is the real king of late night.

States with the largest budget gaps are California at $14.4 billion, Illinois at $12.8 billion, New Jersey at $8 billion, New York at $6.8 billion, and Florida at $4.7 billion.

A Republican is actually poised to win election to a Senate seat in Massachusetts. How’s that for hope and change!

Not one Islamic state has offered aid or assistance to Haiti.


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  1. They’re just picking on Danny because he makes Pat Robertson seem not so crazy.

    If Republicans can win Kennedy’s seat, they can dump Reid in Nevada. I wonder how they’ll do in California? Maybe not so good. Even the Republican Governors we tend to elect are Godless pro lifers. What’s most interesting to me, is that Scott Brown is getting a lot of support from public employees unions. I wonder if they realize that cutting their bloated pay, benefits and retirement is the only way the budget can be balanced.

    Give the mullahs a little time. They might build some mosques, send some al Qaeda organizers and weapons to Haiti, once they get fed and back on their feet.

    Comment by reddog | January 16, 2010 | Reply

  2. Good comparison between Danny and Pat. Ha.

    Comment by cutshoot | January 16, 2010 | Reply

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