War on Men

A businessman is suing British Airways over a policy that bans male passengers from sitting next to children they don’t know – even if the child’s parents are on the same flight.

Mirko Fischer has accused the airline of branding all men as potential sex offenders and says innocent travellers are being publicly humiliated.

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  1. There is a woman that I have known since we were both in our late teens. She was the kind of girl that always wanted to be one of the boys, fairly promiscuous and slept with several of the guys I hung around with. I had opportunities but steered clear. Seemed like a messy situation.

    Twenty years ago she decided to have children and had two girls. After that, she didn’t contact any of us guys anymore and after a short while, I quit contacting her.

    Now, her girls are grown and she is calling me again and wants to resume contact. She told me it was nothing personal but that she had no way to be sure that one or more of the men she knew wouldn’t molest her daughters, so she just dropped everybody and from what I can tell that’s true.

    I respect her right to do this and understand her desire to protect her daughters. Just the same, I have no real desire to resume any friendship with her after that. It’s just the way I am. I wasn’t going to volunteer to be these little girl’s special uncle or babysitter. I admit I like younger girls but for me, that’s now women in their late thirties and early forties. They can usually take care of themselves. I don’t feel like a predator.

    This airline rule doesn’t seem so bad. I don’t like being anywhere near children on airplane rides. They’re loud. They smell like goats. I really hate it when one sits behind me and keeps kicking the back of my seat.

    Comment by reddog | January 18, 2010 | Reply

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