Why Elites Tend Left

Why is a man as privileged as former U.S. Presidential candidate John Kerry on the Left of politics? Why are people who are rich, well-organized, well-paid and successful in life often Left-leaning? Surely they should be thankful for the system that gave them their success instead of wanting to tear it down? The answer is really quite simple. If your life had made you feel superior to most people wouldn’t you want to be treated in a superior way too? More importantly, wouldn’t you feel that your inferiors should be got out of your way and told what to do? Wouldn’t you feel that they should be herded onto public transport and thus leave the roads free for you to drive where you want without being held up by traffic jams? That is EXACTLY how elite Leftists think. Only they cannot say that out loud of course. To say it out loud would not only be obnoxious but it would also achieve nothing. So our elites are smarter than that. They know they have to cloak their oppression in the mantle of a claim that “It’s all for your own good”. And knowing how rich, clever and well-organized they themselves are, they are confident that they will be able to escape the limits and confines that they put on other people. Even high taxes are no worry to them when they already have most things that money can buy. So regulate, regulate, regulate is their cry. And regulating and controlling others is what Leftists have always got 1,001 reasons for — with the most extreme form of control being exercised in Communist regimes. Much more here.


January 21, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. There are just as many elitists and opportunists on both the Right and Left. They care little for the underlying ideals of the cause. Kennedys/Bushes both the same, elitists. Kerry/Brown, both now Mass Senators, both opportunists, both the same.

    Comment by David Wickert | January 21, 2010 | Reply

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