Recently the ACLU has begun questioning the legality of unmanned drones that the military is using in Iraq and Afghanistan. Story here.

This organization should remove the word American from their name because they are anything but. These dummies don’t realize that we are at war with a very shadowy group and that war, by definition, implies two sides wishing to destroy the other. The ACLU is anti-American by trying to tie the American military up into legal knots. This used to be called treason, or sedition, or something or another.

Here’s a little background on the ACLU….

“The ACLU was founded on January 19, 1920. It grew out of a previous group, The National Civil Liberties Bureau which had grown out of the American Union Against Militarism, and a party that was held in New York City and attended by just about every radical from New York, such as Socialist Party notable Norman Thomas, future Communist Party chairman Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and Soviet agent Agnes Smedley. In 1920, Rev. Harry Ward, the RedDean of the Union Theological Seminary was Chairman, Baldwin was director, and Communist publisher Louis Budenz, who would later go on to testify against Communism, director of publicity. The founders numbered over 60 but most of the work was done by the following….” More here


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  1. I question the legality of the war. I doubt the legitimacy of the tribal warlord we’ve placed in power. I know we’re not going to accomplish anything but wholesale slaughter and starvation of the local populace. Same goes for Iraq only the guy over there isn’t a tribal warlord, he’s an out of touch exile.

    The drones are very cool.

    Comment by David Wickert | January 22, 2010 | Reply

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