Tiger Woods

I am a nosy person. I like to know what’s going on around me. And I like to match stories I read about with their geographical locations. The Tiger Woods story got me curious as to how luxurious his house must be. Much to my surprise the house I found on Google maps didn’t seem so luxurious. Yes, the house is fairly large though not as large as his wealth would seem to imply. What’s surprising to me is that it is situated on a relatively small lot with neighboring houses really, really close to each other. The houses are only separated by about 20 to 25 feet from each other. I believe his house is worth 4 or 5 million. Here in Texas a house that expensive comes with a little more acreage.

If you’re interested in seeing his little plot of earth go to Google Maps. Windemere, Florida. Deacon Court. It’s the one with a white boat dock.


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