Game Change

If you like political gossip then this book review is a must read….Some of the stories don’t seem believable but you never know.


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  1. A lot in this review rings true to me. A lot of my friends and my wife really were in love with the Edward’s. I’ve known a lot of ambulance chasers and he is a classic examples and Liz, just because you’re dying of cancer doesn’t mean you’re not a bitch. I always liked Bill and respected his intelligence and political chops. The sex stuff seemed pretty normal. I know a lot of guys with very similar sex habits as Bill. Doesn’t make’em bad guys, just kind of pathetic. Hilary is something else. It might have been interesting to have our first woman president a big dyke. Barry seemed like the best bet. He still does. I voted for him, primary and general although Hil won my State.

    McCain is a big sex guy too but doesn’t really like or trust women. He still has Mommy and Daddy issues. Given the intractability of the Republicans in Congress and McCain’s bipartisan history, he might have been a much better President than Barry. If he had gone with Lieberman, he still would have gotten the base. Who else would they have to vote for? And he might have gotten enough independents and even Dems to take the election. Palin was a big mistake any way you look at her. She will continue to be a drag on the Republicans. It is a fact, even though she is loved by many, more can’t stand her. She’ll never win a national election. I don’t even think she has a future in Alaska.

    Comment by reddog | January 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. There is speculation that Hillary might run against Obama in 2012. I believe it.

    As for Palin…I don’t think she will be elected President but she certainly strikes a nerve with conservative people like me. She’s not a pretentious bitch like most liberal women, she likes having kids, she likes men, she’s religious, she can shoot a gun, she’s pretty, and she could probably beat the shit out of Obama in a street fight. You go girl!

    Comment by cutshoot | January 30, 2010 | Reply

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