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Only 35 percent of American high school seniors are proficient readers. Only 23 percent are proficient in math. Nationwide, only 74 percent of ninth graders graduate within four years—and that number drops to about 50 percent for black and Hispanic students. Twelve percent of American high schools are “dropout factories”—schools where less than 60 percent of freshmen even make it to their senior year. It comes as no surprise, then, that America lags far behind other developed countries when it comes to schooling: Among large industrialized countries, America ranks last in educational effectiveness—despite spending the most.


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Think of Greece as California: Every year an irresponsible and corrupt bureaucracy awards itself higher pay and better benefits paid for by an ever-shrinking wealth-generating class. And think of Germany as one of the less-profligate, still-just-about-functioning corners of America such as my own state of New Hampshire: Responsibility doesn’t pay. You’ll wind up bailing out, anyway. The problem is there are never enough of “the rich” to fund the entitlement state, because in the end it disincentivizes everything from wealth creation to self-reliance to the basic survival instinct, as represented by the fertility rate. In Greece, they’ve run out Greeks, so they’ll stick it to the Germans, like French farmers do. In Germany, the Germans have only been able to afford to subsidize French farming because they stick Americans with their defense tab. And, in America, Obama, Pelosi and Reid are saying we need to paddle faster to catch up with the Greeks and Germans. What could go wrong?

Mark Steyn

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From the L.A. Times

According to a survey of members of the American Assn. for the Advancement of Science, conducted by the Pew Research Center in May and June this year, a majority of scientists (51%) say they believe in God or a higher power, while 41% say they do not.

Furthermore, scientists today are no less likely to believe in God than they were almost 100 years ago, when the scientific community was first polled on this issue. In 1914, 11 years before the Scopes “monkey” trial and four decades before the discovery of the structure of DNA, psychologist James Leuba asked 1,000 U.S. scientists about their views on God. He found the scientific community evenly divided, with 42% saying that they believed in a personal God and the same number saying they did not. Scientists have unearthed many important fossils since then, but they are, if anything, more likely to believe in God today.

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Japanese ghost towns

Who would have thought that Japan has enough room for ghost towns and abandoned motels? How about an abandoned Air Force base and theme parks too?

Cool photos here

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The Mexican businessman, Carlos Slim, bought 6.4% interest in the New York Times in 2008. Then in 2009 he loaned the struggling newspaper $250 million. There is speculation around Wall Street that he may attempt a takeover of the Times Company.

Meanwhile at News Corp., the parent company of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia has quietly become the second-largest shareholder with about 7% of outstanding shares. He is also a major donor to Harvard University. This is the guy who donated money to Mayor Guiliani after the 9/11 attacks and implied that our support for Israel was to blame. Guiliani, to his credit, declined the donation.

I suppose I am being a little paranoid but I can’t help but wonder if the New York Times gives accurate reporting of events in Mexico. And does Fox News and the Wall Street Journal do the same with Saudi Arabia? I am skeptical of both.

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Old story but I only came across it recently….

Colonel Robert L. Howard was a highly decorated United States Army soldier and Medal of Honor recipient of the Vietnam War. He was wounded 14 times over 54 months of combat, was awarded 8 Purple Hearts, 4 Bronze Stars, and was nominated for the Medal of Honor three separate times. He was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetary on February 22, 2010.

He earned more awards for valor, 10 times, than Audie Murphy of World War II fame.

Colonel Howard served five tours in Vietnam and is the only soldier in our nation’s history to be nominated for the Medal of Honor three times for three separate actions within a thirteen-month period.

He received a direct appointment from Master Sergeant to 1st Lieutenant in 1969, and was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Richard M. Nixon at the White House in 1971. Colonel Howard is one of America’s most decorated soldiers.

His other medals for valor include two Distinguished Service Cross awards – our nation’s second highest award, the Silver Star – the third highest award, four Bronze Stars, 4 Legion of Merit medals, and eight Purple Hearts. He was the last Vietnam Special Forces Medal of Honor recipient still on active duty when he retired on Sept. 29, 1992.

Military news release here

Wikipedia biography here

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Three snowstorms in America’s capital in one month. Al Gore is hiding under his desk.

Hugo Chavez is giving a speech to his vassals countrymen when the power goes out.

Who says there is no God?

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Submarine in Houston

In the summer of 1918, a few months before the end of World War I, the German submarine UB-88 prowled the eastern coast of England, terrorizing steamers that passed through the region.

About a year later, the submarine entered the Port of Houston, not as a combatant, but as a seafaring exhibit available for tours.

Full story along with some neat photos

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From China with love

“Mother love is supposed to be such a great thing, but so many babies are abandoned, and it’s their mothers who do it. They’re ignorant. They feel differently about emotions from the way you do. Where I come from, people talk about smothering a baby girl or just throwing it[!]into a stream … to be eaten by dogs, as if it were a joke. How much do you think these women loved their babies?”


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Rush rant

We Know More About Tilikum the KILLER Whale in Five Hours, Than We Knew About Obama Before the Election … The mainstream media failed to report on Obama’s college days, his birth certificate, his drug use, his associations with Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, his connections to ACORN, his participation with the Annenberg project, how he used the courts to win earlier elections, his direction towards communism, racial beliefs, and all the dirty little secrets hidden so Obama could assume office. Now that he is president, the mainstream media still fails to dig deeply into the healthcare plan, the stimulus plan, and all the other controversial bills leading towards socialism.

I still haven’t heard the mainstream media discuss Obama’s desire to track Americans with their cell phones and increase wire tapping capabilities of the federal government; yet they screamed with George W. Bush was listening in on terrorists.

But in less than a day we know everything we need to know about this killer whale. We know where it was born. We know who its parents were. We know which tanks it lived in, how many people have died around this killer whale and all the other details the media managed to dig up about the killer whale. But we don’t know anything about Obama. We know everything about this whale — and this whale is a serial killer whale. Three humans so far, and in every instance they think the whales are just playing and they don’t know their own strength. They’re just tossing victims around in there and they’re drowning them.

— Rush Limbaugh

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