If my previous post about the Alamo inflamed the curiousity for Texas History by any of my numerous readers, you should most definitely read Comanches by T. R. Fehrenbach.

It is a history of Texas and how it came about. From a determined group of settlers to the Texas Rangers who brought law and order to a wild land, it is just as entertaining as Lonesome Dove.


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  1. Texas is most unusual in the way it was settled, those that settled it and in the tenacity that the aboriginals showed in trying to keep their land. It made Texans different from Americans in any other State.

    I am always amazed at how resilient Texan culture is and how effectively it is passed on to recent arrivals. Few current Texans are descendants of the founding families but the spirit lives on and Texans remain different. This has its good and bad aspects. Makes for a colorful bunch though.

    The legacy of the Texas Rangers of the old Republic, with their unparalleled powers of summary judgment and execution over evil doers, is singular among all the States. It’s not a thing that is emphasized in history books. People don’t realize how unique this was and necessary, given the vast expanses, their small number and nearly non existent funding. Completely un American. Then again, it wasn’t America.

    Comment by reddog | February 5, 2010 | Reply

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