I once lived next door to a policeman. He had some marvelous stories. Most dealt with the excuses people came up with when confronted with their misdemeanors. But this story tops them all.


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  1. When I was a little boy, we lived across the street from a local cop. Total asshole. Used to beat the shit out of his wife. Her face was always black and blue. One time he broke her jaw and gave her a sub orbital fracture. She fell down the stairs in a single story house. Did I mention he drank, a little. His kids were maniacs, I stayed away from them.

    He got promoted to detective and retired as Chief of D.

    On another front, the principle at my old high school, a few years ago, knocked up one of the students, twice, first time when she was fifteen. She had both babies and got on welfare. Good deal for everybody, I guess. Somebody finally reported it. He claimed in court that they only had sex in Mexico, where it was legal. Didn’t even lose his job, although they eventually forced him out a few years later. I guess this is what happens when you give Mexicans a higher education.

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