Illegal Immigration

From Victor Davis Hanson…

Do the math on remittances—$50 billion a year sent back to Latin America; perhaps $20-25 billion sent from California alone, mostly from illegal aliens.

The following thought will get one censored as cruel and inhuman: millions of California residents, here illegally, without English or high-school diplomas, somehow manage to rely in part on state subsidies for food, housing, education, legal help, and transportation to free up cash in the billions to be sent southward to Mexico.

In addition, much higher per capita rates of illegality, from gang activity to DUI arrests, characterize far too many of the illegal alien community, requiring state investments that outweigh the often argued advantages of increased sales taxes, Social Security deductions supposedly not drawn upon, cheap wages for unskilled labor, etc.

In other words, to suggest that a very sophisticated society is spending billions to educate, incarcerate, and treat millions from the former Third World is forbidden. And the corollary is even more bizarre still: millions risk their lives to flock northward to the United States, even as the premise of multiculturalism in the schools, affirmative action in the workplace, and the chauvinism manifested in popular culture is somehow that an oppressive Eurocentric America “owes” penance. Historians two centuries hence will remark on the anomaly of the notion that millions of Mexican nationals both wish to emigrate to the United States, but simultaneously once here to voice grievances against the culture they so wish to join—sort of like the old demonstrations against Prop. 13 when protestors used to wave the flag of the country they did not wish to return to and trample the flag of the country they so eagerly wished to remain in. A modest proposal: to send money to Latin America, one here without legal documentation would either pay a 10% surcharge on the transaction or show proof of catastrophic health care insurance.


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  1. California will never rise from the ashes, without removing honed Liberal oriented politicians from any public office. California is strangled with its worst economy since the Great Depression, illegal immigrants are becoming part of the discussion on every Americans lips. California lawmakers in July 2009 struggled with a budget gap that has now grown to $26.3 billion, one of the hottest topics for many taxpayers is the cost to the state of illegal immigrants and the ever increasing costs. Not speculating that either Democrats, Republicans or Independents are without blame in what they address as their issues, but Liberals have brought most border states to paupers situation, by allowing the easy flow of illegal immigrants into California, Texas, Texas, New Mexico. Governor Richardson, unlike most states issued drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. Only hard core, Liberal extremists have resented any kind of restrictions on illegal alien benefits, starting with Proposition 187 passed by true California residents and blocked from reaching the Supreme court.

    The once Golden State is saturated with millions of illegal families, that have worn away public services. Schools are inundated with illegal children in the millions, with English as a second language. Schools are especially hit hard, because their has been a definite reduction in academic performance owing to overcrowded classrooms. A very depressive situation has evolved, as many hospitals and clinics as the schools have been unable to handle the influx of Anchor babies and desperate illegal settlers from South of international Southern fence. I saw this first hand before I departed California, as my sons school was all but English as a second language. Very few Angelo’s are aware of Title 1 schools that offer free breakfast and free lunch programs. Saying free breakfast, Its not talking a glass of milk and roll — but a full breakfast and cereal bar with fruits and juices of which the dumpster becomes full. Free medical, free education, free food, day care and host of programs that most American taxpayers remain ignorant about?

    Huge outlays of funds have been distributed to foreign national families, even through our own citizens and legal residents have been declined. Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich said, “such situations are, unfortunately, all too typical. “It is catastrophic,” Antonovich says. “We cannot be the HMO to the world.” Another voice Legislative Analyst Dan Carson says California now spends about $4.6 billion yearly to provide services for — or to incarcerate — illegal immigrants.” This has been a never ending problem for taxpayers and now Sen. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Sen Diane Feinstein and all those who pander to the illegal alien occupancy–MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE IN FUTURE ELECTIONS

    EVERY LAW TO DO WITH IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT INCLUDING THE 1986 SIMPSON-MAZZOLI BILL HAS BEEN UNDERMINED BY MANY POLITICIANS AND THEIR OPEN BORDER LOBBYISTS. The time has come for all American taxpayers to demand from your reluctant legislators to make Permanent E-Verify, with no exceptions to every business, to remove illegal workers from American jobs. To fund federally train every law officer across the country–as with SANCTUARY CITIES AND STATES–to be empowered to–without prejudice to question any person at their discretion, under the blanket of 287 (g) immigration enforcement law as with the right of Federal agents to audit any business using illegal foreign workers. The-NO MATCH-LAW, should never have been rescinded, when Social Security numbers have irregularities. And all ITIN (alternative to a Social Security number) issued by the IRS, should also be scrutinized as this is way illegal aliens have found an unlawful pathway into seemingly being a legal resident. Not even the original border fence as designed as two layer barrier. MOST BORDER STATES HAVE COMPARABLE FINANCIAL CRISIS AND TODAYS PAYOUTS FOR ILLEGAL ALIEN FAMILIES, HAS ACCELERATED OUT-OF-CONTROL.

    The tax and spend mentality has specifically caused a terrible crisis in California by Sacramento Liberal apologists in the assembly. In Los Angeles city the indifferent indifferent elected officials have a nerve to try and pass a $100 dollar tax on Angeleno property owners to bolster the wilting school funds. In my way of thinking, Angeleno’s should place the whole city officials in contempt and propose a class action lawsuit in front of the courts. California’s nearly 3 million illegal immigrants cost taxpayers in 2004 nearly $9 billion each year, according to a report released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Washington, D.C.-based group that promotes stricter immigration policies.The study looks specifically at the costs of educating illegal immigrants’ children, providing medical treatment to illegal immigrants and jailing those convicted of committing crimes.

    The report estimates the total cost at $10.5 billion each year, but that is offset by about $1.7 billion in taxes that illegal immigrants pay. also added an estimate of 597,000 U.S.-born children whose parents are illegal immigrants arriving at a total of 1,022,000 children. Multiplying the number of children by the estimated $7,577 the state spends on average per pupil, the study arrived at the $7.7 billion figure. FAIR defended the report, saying that the children (Anchor Babies) were born in the United States as a result of their parents’ illegal entry into the country. A similar study conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C., and released in August 2004, said that illegal immigrants cost the federal government $10 billion more than they pay in taxes. “State costs are much higher on a per capita basis because of the fact that the largest expenses are medical care and education and those are borne at the local level, not the federal,”

    THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DO NOT PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE, WHICH THEREFORE IS BORNE BY STATE TAXPAYERS. In conclusion we cannot afford another AMNESTY, because the millions of illegal immigrant families will have access to Senior Citizens pensions, SSI, and many other entitlements for US born and legal residents. Learn what you can do at NUMBERSUSA & JUDICIALWATCH or call your federal representative at 202-224-3121. A good example of state politicians ignoring their commitment to their legal residents, is the near bankrupt state of the–SANCTUARY STATE of California.

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  2. It’s not as bad as California here in Texas but it’s certainly getting worse every year.

    Comment by cutshoot | February 16, 2010 | Reply

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