Rush rant

We Know More About Tilikum the KILLER Whale in Five Hours, Than We Knew About Obama Before the Election … The mainstream media failed to report on Obama’s college days, his birth certificate, his drug use, his associations with Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, his connections to ACORN, his participation with the Annenberg project, how he used the courts to win earlier elections, his direction towards communism, racial beliefs, and all the dirty little secrets hidden so Obama could assume office. Now that he is president, the mainstream media still fails to dig deeply into the healthcare plan, the stimulus plan, and all the other controversial bills leading towards socialism.

I still haven’t heard the mainstream media discuss Obama’s desire to track Americans with their cell phones and increase wire tapping capabilities of the federal government; yet they screamed with George W. Bush was listening in on terrorists.

But in less than a day we know everything we need to know about this killer whale. We know where it was born. We know who its parents were. We know which tanks it lived in, how many people have died around this killer whale and all the other details the media managed to dig up about the killer whale. But we don’t know anything about Obama. We know everything about this whale — and this whale is a serial killer whale. Three humans so far, and in every instance they think the whales are just playing and they don’t know their own strength. They’re just tossing victims around in there and they’re drowning them.

— Rush Limbaugh


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