Another fake hate crime occurred recently at the University of California at San Diego. A minority chick left a noose out in plain sight and then claimed no ill intent. Yeah, right.

The ultimate hypocrisy is that Obama recently signed a one-year extension of the Patriot Act. Remember how the democrats bashed Bush as a nazi for implementing the Patriot Act? Karma, baby, karma.

Nice quote from here. “Make every working man cut three checks to Washington every April out of their own bank accounts and you’ll see a vast, seismic shift back towards limited government and fiscal conservatism. Directly paying income tax, social security and medicare/medicaid straight up would be a stunning eye opener to most working citizens.”

Battle of the bumper stickers…”God is dead. — Nietzsche” has been countered by “Nietzsche is dead. — God”

The U.S. executed 24 persons last year. Iran’s total was over 440. So which country is condemned for its blood lust?


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