Ruby Ridge

If you’d asked me back in 1994 what I thought about Randy Weaver and the events at Ruby Ridge in Idaho I would have said he deserved what he got and that the government did what was necessary.

Now I am not so sure. After watching an hour-long video earlier today I am thinking the government actions were way out of line. Killing women and children (also like they did at David Koresh’s compound near Waco, Texas) is not what we have in mind when we speak of law enforcement.

Timothy McVeigh is said to have bombed the Oklahoma City federal building because of the government actions at Waco and Ruby Ridge. What he did is clearly wrong but so was the government.

Randy Weaver and his three surviving children were awarded $3.1 million in damages. It should have been more.

Ruby Ridge Wikipedia page here


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  1. Everybody has a right to live free.

    Comment by reddog | March 6, 2010 | Reply

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