Quick takes

During recess a boy climbs a tree and can’t get down. Teachers retreat to administration building fearing that any attempt to rescue boy would cause him to fall. Passing lady helps the boy down from the tree. Praised as a heroine? No, she is charged with trespassing.

Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak at a Canadian college but was cancelled because officials feared violence would occur. No one seems to wonder why left wingers are ever cancelled because of fears of violence.

Not that anyone in America noticed, but on Saturday night in Germany Wladimir Klitschko made his eighth successful defense of his IBF heavyweight world title. In the last seconds of their 12 round contest, Klitschko scored a knockout victory over top rated challenger Eddie Chambers. As usual, Klitschko took virtually every round. He has won his last 12 fights and has not been defeated since 2004. Over the last three years, he and his older brother, Vitali (WBC heavyweight champion) have thoroughly dominated the super-size division. And yet, they can barely get on television in the US.

The Frederick County, Maryland Board of Elections says Bruce Ivins, the government’s purported Anthrax Killer had been a registered Democrat since 1982 and had voted in every election — including Democratic Primaries — since 1996.

Comment seen on the web…”The leftists think they’ve won. In reality they’ve made it a virtual certainty that their ideal of 30 years of just barely working at producing nothing of real worth that is followed by 20 years of being paid to do nothing except be pretend rich using other people’s hard-earned money will die, and probably horribly.”


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