Sarah Palin is being bashed for a Tweet saying, “Don’t Retreat, Instead Reload.” Seems she is urging the right wing to use violence, according to the leftists. Meanwhile the leftists of the SEIU actually used violence by throwing eggs at a bus carrying tea party patriots to an event in Nevada.

According to Yankees the South is full of bible thumping rednecks. So I was surprised to learn the a wealthy county in New Jersey still has Blue Laws. Good Lord, Texas did away with them twenty years ago.

Women are being offered the ultimate question they should ask themselves when considering marriage, “Is this the man I want to share custody of my kids with every other weekend?

Speaking of women…what man would fight and die for today’s women? Paris Hilton? Anna Nicole? Any one of Tiger’s girlfriends? It’s your call.

Arranged marriages and harems can’t be any worse than the misery and mayhem produced by modern women and their grievances.

Still no video evidence has surfaced to prove that tea party activists shouted racial epithets at black members of Congress during the health care debate.


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