I’ve seen the future

From the beginning of his party leadership in the early 1920s, Hitler proclaimed that the Nazis were socialists and that their aim was to spread German wealth among the workers and the farmers. Hitler, however, abhorred the German communists, whom he viewed as traitors against Germany, working for the interests of the Soviet Union. Hitler’s successful smashing of the German communist party was unforgivable sin in the eyes of American liberal-progressives, for whom the Soviet Union was the one great hope of mankind. As left-wing American journalist Lincoln Steffens’ put it after his 1919 interview with Lenin in Moscow, “I have seen the future, and it works!”

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  1. The parallels between what’s happening in this country now and Germany in the Wiemar Republic are there. We’re not to the Nazi takeover part yet. Who the Nazi’s are and from what segments of the Country they come from, isn’t clear.

    This country is too diverse, demographically, to give rise to a homogeneous, super nationalist movement. It’ll have to be something a little different.

    Comment by reddog | April 13, 2010 | Reply

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