Ever wonder what happened to all those anti-war protestors during the Bush years? They certainly have been awfully quiet since Obama was elected. Think of a graveyard at midnight. Dare we assume that it wasn’t really the war they were protesting?

Camille Paglia, lesbian academic and writer, defines abortion thusly, “The extermination of the powerless by the powerful.”

Ever hear of the guy whose wife had breasts on her back? He says their sex life isn’t that great but he sure likes to go dancing with her.

The Netherlands has finally discovered a limit to the largesse of its welfare state…no state-funded artificial breasts for transsexuals.

The Hawaiian language only uses 12 letters. Five vowels and 7 consonants.

Back in 2008 the Archbishop of Canterbury said, “Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims.” What he failed to add is that Muslim doctrine is also offensive to Christians and most all other civilized peoples.

Isn’t it odd that we know more about the backgrounds of Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber than we do about Barack Obama?

The major stumbling-block to the conclusion of a draft comprehensive convention against terrorism at the UN has been a concerted effort by Islamic states to carve out an exception for murdering civilians of their choosing. Israelis top the list, but Americans are not far behind.


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