When the inmates run the asylum…

“In 2000, after two decades of Mr. Mugabe’s rule, per capita income had fallen by half, inflation was running at over 100% and unemployment at 60%, and the government had no idea how to correct any of these lamentable developments except by forcing white farmers off their property and turning productive land to dust. Today, after three decades, there’s no point running any economic numbers: Zimbabwe is off the charts. Last year, the central bank introduced a new 100 trillion dollar banknote. The following month, concerned that the numbers were getting too long to print on any regular sized bill, they had another currency revaluation and removed 12 zeroes from the Zimbabwean dollar: One trillion dollars is now worth one dollar. Unemployment is around 95 per cent. Maizer and soya production have fallen by over half since 2000. There are fewer white farmers to blame. Many were murdered at the urging of Mugabe, and, as is traditional, after hacking up the landowner and his missus the killers then eat the cattle and clog up the irrigation ditches with their carcases and sit and watch as the land returns to dirt, and somewhere at a international agency a bewildered economist tries to figure out why food production falls when a working farmer is replaced by a machete-wielding goon. Those fortunate landowners who aren’t dead are mostly fled.”

Rest of the story here


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