Friday briefs

Governor Rick Perry of Texas was recently at the Texas Motor Speedway near Fort Worth and in his welcoming speech to the crowd said, “In Texas, we love our guns, religion and NASCAR!”

According to Dennis Prager, “There are only two races, the decent and the indecent.”

Goldman Sachs seems to cover all bases. Political contributions to Obama totaled $996,595. Hillary Clinton received $411,150. Mitt Romney got a piddling $234,275. Bringing up the rear was John McCain with $230,095. I thought the fat cats support the Republicans?

A few years ago the police chief in Fostoria, Ohio was indicted on charges of falsification and tampering with records. During the trial it came out the the department’s police dog also had a degree from the same educational institution as the police chief.

Most Islamic societies do not view men who have sex with young boys as homosexuals, provided that the practitioner acts as the active partner in the encounter. The seclusion of women and the practice of polygamy limit the access of young men to normal heterosexual outlets for their urges, so Islamic societies, particularly in the less developed areas, have come to resemble prison culture with their sexual predators and “nancy boys”.

A policeman in Germany was attacked and beaten by two “youths” of Islamic descent recently. Police spokesmen did not make the incident public. When asked why he said, “they had not thought it to be important.”

General Motors is claiming to have emerged from bankruptcy and paid back its loans to the government. Oh, really? Who is shitting whom?


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