My trip to Alaska

Back in 1988 I drove from Texas to Anchorage, Alaska. I had a fairly new Buick LeSabre. It was 4324 miles to my sister’s house. I made it in 4-1/2 days. Two nights sleeping in the back seat and two nights in a motel. Five or six hours sleep each day. I would drive from about 6AM to around midnight.

In northeastern British Columbia the road goes for miles and miles in a straight line through forest. My speedometer was circular shaped and only went to 85, but on the straightaways I had it way past 85, somewhere like 105 in my judgment. Hardly any traffic at all. One time a set of headlights came into view behind me. Thinking it was a cop I slowed down and was passed by a semi with an empty flat bed trailer. He passed me like I was standing still. I speeded up and tried to keep up with him. My speedometer looked like it could have been around 120 mph. I still couldn’t keep up with him.

Alaska is the largest state. Here in Texas we say we are the largest “unfrozen” state.

Anchorage was pretty nice and modern. I loved it there. The weather is better than Buffalo or Minneapolis. Go twenty miles away from Anchorage and you’re in the wilderness. You’re on your own then.

We even had the Border Patrol there. Up there the “illegals” were Canadians, Koreans, Phillipinos, and a few Japanese. They even had a few good Mexican restaurants.


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  1. I don’t think I’d like Anchorage, too big, or the interior, too cold.

    I’ve thought seriously about Juneau. It’s a real nice town. Got a nice hospital where I could work.

    Everything is subsidized in Alaska. It’s the closest thing to a welfare state in America.

    There is a state run old folks home in Sitka, right downtown. If you’re 65 and have been in Alaska for 18 months, you can just move in, no questions. Three hots and a cot. They don’t lock you in or anything. If you are spry enough to get out and about, your time is your own.

    Comment by reddog | April 29, 2010 | Reply

  2. The only bad thing about Alaska is (1) most women look like bears and (2) the long, dark winters leave people with nothing much to do except for heavy drinking and beating the wife.

    Comment by cutshoot | April 29, 2010 | Reply

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