This country is in a deep funk as to whether it has a future or not. It has not had a functional government for several years. A series of “caretaker” regimes has been in place but without any clear mandate as to the future.

Some say the Belgium model is a complete failure.

The Flemish in the northern half speak Dutch and are more prosperous than the French speaking Walloons in the southern half. The Flemish are more oriented to capitalism and free enterprise. The Walloons are more oriented to…er…welfare statism like their cousins in France.

The Flemish want to join the Netherlands. The Walloons want Belgium to remain the same, and to continue their parasitic lifestyle courtesy of the Flemish. Most are predicting that the Flemish will be annexed into the Netherlands and the Walloons into France. No one knows what will happen to the capital, Brussels, which is also the seat of the European Union.


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  1. A lot of people used to say the same thing about the French speakers in Canada, Blacks and Hispanics in America, Jews in Germany. The Czechs say similar things about the Slavs, the Japanese about the Ainu, New Zealanders about the Maori.

    I was brought up to think badly about a lot of people. I got over it. The Mormons were the hardest but I worked at it. Turns out Mormons are OK. Some of them are jerks. A lot of people everywhere are jerks. Their people raise them to be jerks, just like I was.

    I try to keep that in mind.

    Comment by Dave | April 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. I suppose there is a tinge of racism involved but I think a huge wave of entitlement “fatigue” is hitting more and more people.

    Welfare is fine if people are genuinely needy and unable to fend for themselves. But now it has become a generational thing and people are asking themselves why.

    Comment by cutshoot | May 1, 2010 | Reply

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