Man’s Country

Many people are beginning to question Obama’s sexuality nowadays….

“Man’s Country, one of Chicago’s grand old bathhouses and located at 5015 North Clark Street in Chicago’s Boystown, was a frequent hangout for State Senator Obama and Rahm Emanuel.”

More in depth here


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Now that the global warming hysteria is subsiding the hand wringers can’t wait to start all over again….

“The British Petroleum oil spill is threatening the entire eastern half of the North American continent with “total destruction.”


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12 year old shows how it’s done.

Gruesome video here.

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Recent moves to allow gays to serve openly in the army will undermine that institution. This is the real intention. Gays essentially represent an enemy within. Straight men do not wish to live in close quarters with gay men. Is anyone concerned about their rights? They do not wish to face an external enemy while at the same time fending off sexual overtures from the rear.

— Henry Makow

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Blitzer and Calderon

A friend sent me this interview between Wolf Blitzer and Mexican President Calderon on CNN, May 19, 2010

Blitzer… So if people want to come from Guatemala or Honduras or El Salvador or Nicaragua, they want to just come into Mexico, they can just walk in?

Calderon… No. They need to fulfill a form. They need to establish their right name. We analyze if they have not a criminal precedent. ……

Blitzer… Do Mexican police go around asking for papers of people they suspect are illegal immigrants?

Calderon…. Of course. Of course, in the border, we are asking the people, who are you?…

Blitzer… But once they’re in?…

Calderon… But not—but not in—if—once they are inside the—inside the country, what the Mexican police do is, of course, enforce the law……

Blitzer… …, if somebody sneaks in from Nicaraqua or some other country in Central America, through the southern border of Mexico, they wind up in Mexico, they can go get a job?…

Calderon… No, no.

Blitzer… They can work?

Calderon… If—if somebody do that without permission, we send back—we send them back…..

Blitzer… You find them and you send them back?

Calderon… Yes.…

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Years ago I wondered if Monica’s thong was strong enough to pull Clinton down. Didn’t happen.

More recently I wondered if Katrina was strong enough to pull Bush down. Didn’t happen.

Now I’m wondering if Joe Sestak is strong enough to pull Obama down.

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Pole Vault

You don’t hear much about pole vaulting lately. That’s because the world record hasn’t changed since 1994.

The men’s world record for the pole vault is held by Sergei Bubka of Ukraine with a vault of 6.14 meters (20 feet 1-3/4 inches).

The women’s world record is held by Yelena Isinbayeva of Russia with a vault of 5.05 meters (16 feet 6-3/4 inches).

20 feet is a long way up.

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Three months before the massive BP oil spill erupted in the Gulf of Mexico, the Obama administration proposed downsizing the Coast Guard national coordination center for oil spill responses, prompting its senior officers to warn that the agency’s readiness for catastrophic events would be weakened…

More here

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It is fine and good to invest in wind and solar power, and other alternative energy sources — if for no other reason than to drain the swamp of the oil-rich Middle East — but soon Americans will be paying a fortune for gasoline and electrical power. As gas hits $4 a gallon, they will want more oil drilling, more coal mining, and more nuclear, hydro, and natural-gas energy, not less. Green mongering is not what it was just a few months ago.

— Victor Davis Hanson

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For decades, environmentalists have striven to thwart the development of domestic supplies of energy. They have blocked oil exploration and development in vast tracts of Alaska, the Rocky Mountain states, and the outer continental shelf under relatively shallow waters along our coasts. Furthermore, environmentalists succeeded in preventing increased usage of another energy source that is economically competitive and ecologically and operationally the safest energy source readily and abundantly available to us—namely, nuclear energy.

If these sources of energy had not been choked off in the name of environmental protection, would energy companies be currently drilling as many higher-cost wells in deep water? Is it not possible that zealous environmentalists have unwittingly driven energy companies to drill for oil in places where perhaps they have no business drilling? Should environmentalists rethink their positions and make their peace with sources of energy that pose less of a threat to the environment than deep-water drilling?


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