No, no, you can’t

The demonstrations yesterday seem to have been violence-free which bodes well for both sides in the illegal immigration debate. That’s what America is all about. Speak your mind and accept the end result.

Attendance was nowhere as high as they had projected. 100,000 had been projected in Dallas but only about 10,000 showed up. The Houston demonstration only had about 7,000 protesters. In this story from the Austin Statesman a snarky comment caught my eye.

“I want to walk into Mexico without any legal documents, no passport, visa, immigration quotas and law. I want a job in Mexico and not pay taxes. I want to fly my U.S. flag on my home in Mexico and U.S. flag decals on my car in Mexico, I want all government forms printed in English, I want to freely protest Mexico’s policies and given the same civil and constitutional rights as the citizens of Mexico have. I don’t want to assimilate into the Mexican culture but I want all of Mexico to teach U.S. culture in their schools by teachers who are fluent in the English language. I want citizenship given to me, I don’t want to work for it. If I can’t get all this in Mexico I want to march in the streets without fear of arrest and call them racists.”


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