Target New York

There’s no city on Earth that has become a bigger target. How many terror attacks has the Big Apple seen since the first bombing of the World Trade Center? How many more are waiting in the wings and how many more are being planned? It only takes one lucky terrorist to do an untold amount of damage. What other city represents the garish, amoral side of America? That is what the extremists hate the most.

You couldn’t get me to live within 1000 miles of New York. I can do without Broadway plays and Pakistani restaurants. I stopped watching sports a few years ago so all the thugs sports teams in the area have no appeal for me.

When I was in the Navy I used to take the train from New London down to New York on the weekends. I was nineteen years old. Never had any problems back then except for catching the clap one time. We used to get free drinks at many of the bars we went to. My favorite one was on 82nd Street though I can’t remember the name. There was a ballroom across the street where you could pay girls to dance with you.

The best bars were in White Plains and Scarsdale and Hartsdale. There were more younger women there and they liked sailors. Many of them were from Ireland and Scotland and the Netherlands who were working as nannies for the rich pukes.

Bob Dylan has a song that says that he’d give up a few years of his life to go back just one time to the great times and great friends he had in the past. Yeah, I would do the same.


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