Bee’s knees

Elena Kagan picked for Supreme Court. And we thought Obama wanted to decrease the amount of testosterone there. Rumor has it she may be against limiting the number of calories in fast food. Is it just me or does she look like Janet Napolitano’s little sister?

Aren’t we all seeking to change lead into gold?

During World War II about 50% of Mexico’s annual crude oil production was sold to Germany and about 25% was sold to Axis partner Italy.

It’s kind of hard to wrap your mind around but the smartest people on Earth convinced all of us rubes long ago that the Earth was flat. Later they convinced us that the Sun revolved around the Earth. Still later….

Liberals are like spoiled children…expecting grown ups to provide for every perceived need whenever they like. Conservatives, in contrast, are the grown ups…who must say no occasionally because money does not grow on trees.

Democrat Representative Andre Carson of Indiana believes that the tens of thousands of decent, normal Americans who demonstrated against federal seizure of the healthcare industry as “one of the largest threats to our internal security.” He’s also a converted Muslim, stating that he was drawn to the faith because of its peaceful teachings and focus on helping others.

No one is more conservative than a progressive. It’s just that what they want to conserve is childhood and all of its privileges, i.e., irresponsibility, dependency, entitlement, rebellion against the grown-ups, polymorphous perversity, weak boundaries, etc. For someone who lives without any religious telos, the denial of impulses seems stifling and arbitrary.


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