Blowout in the Gulf

While the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico continues to unfold there are numerous instances of high comedy in the mainstream media. Reporters are clueless about the oil industry but write clever little stories that are full of half-truths and myths.

They are salivating at the thought of nailing Halliburton’s skin to the wall. They couldn’t frog march Karl Rove out of the White House but they still have Dick Cheney in their gunsights.

Halliburton may very well have screwed up on this well but reports I’ve read say that Halliburton finished cementing either 12 or 20 hours previous to the blowout. But it may have been a poor job. It’s happened before. Things happen downhole that confound the best intentions of engineers.

Keep in mind that Halliburton is a service company that follows the procedures set forth by the owners of the well. They are the plumbers of the oilfield.


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