Remember when Bush refused the campaign spending limits, and spent only private money? It was nearly a constitutional crisis, the Democrats were frothing at the mouth. But when Obama did the same, it was referred to as a triumph of people-powered politics. LOL.

Reagan lovers take note…Reagan embraced large deficits, signed an amnesty bill, wanted nuclear disarmament, and raised payroll taxes. Was he a RINO?

The NATO commander in Afghanistan is considering giving out awards to soldiers for “courageous restraint.” LOL. Soon they’ll be awarding medals for courageous apathy and courageous dissent.

Thomas Aquinas wrote that the “things of God” are “revealed to mankind only in proportion to their capacity; otherwise, they might despise what was beyond their grasp….”

Australia is considering joining several European countries in banning the burqa. Muslim groups in Oz are unhappy, and say the proposed burqa-ban is “un-Australian”.

The opposition Islamic Justice and Development Party in Morocco has called for Elton John to be banned from the upcoming Mawazine festival, because the singer’s presence might encourage homosexuality in the country.

The floods in Tennessee are being covered by a stealth media…nowhere to be seen. Comparisons to Katria are few and far between.

The three British parties receiving the most votes in Britain’s recent election are all socialistic in nature. What change? They’re just voting on which candidate is the prettiest.


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