Oil companies should go on strike. Shut down for three or four months. Do a little demonstrating out in the streets. Teachers do it. Illegal immigration supporters do it. Code Pink does it. Green weenies do it.

Let’s see how high gasoline prices go.

Let’s see who squeals first. Want cheap gasoline? Go find it yourself. Rent a rig and drill for oil. Refine it into gasoline. Sell it cheap. Do it for the people.

Car manufacturers should go on strike too. You want cars that get 50 miles per gallon and are full of safety measures? Build them yourself. Stop your whining. Strike a blow against the evil capitalists. Show them how it should be done. Find out how many people will buy those teensy weensy little cars…like the Euroweenies.

Tired of being “ripped off” by big business? Tired of obscene profits? Well, start your own big business. Pay high salaries. Sell your products at cost. Donate your profits to the needy. Good luck.


June 1, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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