North to Alaska

So a fancy pansy from New York goes to Alaska and moves into a house next door to the Palins. In your face, anyone? What could go wrong?

This guy must have a sign on his back saying, “kick me.” He’s looking for trouble and may very well find it. Women and children are fiercely protected up there. Mama grizzlies don’t cotton to dandies from the big city. Perverts peering over fences are daring to be spanked.

My grandfather was cop. He told me back in the old days they would take a wife beater out in the back yard and rough him up a little. The cops would make him understand that they should never have to come back. Usually they didn’t have to.

Perverts were roughed up too. Straighten up or get out of town. Most left for California.

Sometimes I miss the old times. The police had more time to eat donuts back then.


June 3, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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