100 Senators

I’m beginning to think the Senate should be abolished. It has become a millionaire’s club. And most are sympathetic to the redistribution of wealth…except their own. Their wealth is tied up in trusts and tax dodges that are not subject to the tax laws you and I must follow.

Rhode Island has two senators. The state has a total of 1214 square miles. That’s about 30 by 40 miles. I once lived in Webb County, Texas that has a total of 3376 square miles. And there are several more counties in Texas and California that are as large or larger.

Two senators for a “state” that has 1214 square miles is hardly fair or representative.

Texas could break up into 20 or 30 states and gain 40 or 60 new senators.


June 6, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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