November 2, 2010

The mid term elections are fast approaching. Some people believe the democrats will be shown the door. Republicans are salivating at the thought. Unless they nominate idiots like John McCain again they should do well.

Most people just want to go back to where we were…watching American Idol on weeknights and flying to Las Vegas or Cancun on the weekends.

Meanwhile unemployment is just a tad below 10%. Is it only a matter of time before Obama supporters begin writing “I voted for Obama but now I’m disappointed” stories for the world to see. Real tears will be shed and the word ‘betrayal’ will be overused.

No, he’s not the Messiah. Maybe you haven’t heard the good news…He’s already came and was killed because his message was not New Agey enough for you. The one we killed was too much like our anal parents and grandparents. Who needs more rules?


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