Seville, Spain. A township governed by the left accepted to sell its land to a group of muslims for the construction of a mosque. A group of non-immigrant Spaniards that didn’t want the mosque in their neighborhood came up with an original solution. In the middle of the lot where the mosque was supposed to be built, they buried a big pig and made sure it became public knowledge. Since Islamic law forbids the construction of mosques on hog-soiled land, the Arabs had to abandon the project….

The Israelis have been using this strategy since 2004. They put containers of pork fat in all their buses and made sure everybody knew about it. If a suicide bomber decides to explode himself in a bus, he’s taking the chance that some of the pig fat ends up on his body and therefore he will not go to Paradise. Israelis buses have been safe from attacks since then. No more attacks.



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