become as little children

“One is either a German or a Christian, you cannot be both.” — Adolf Hitler, 1933

“Do your job, secure the borders.” — Sarah Palin

“Seems to me what the Left should be asking is not if Sarah Palin’s pair has grown, but when their president plans to grow a pair.” — Gerard Vanderleun

“If Israel gave the West Bank to the Palestinians, this would not bring peace. The next step would be for the Palestinians to claim that Ashkelon, Ashdod, Haifa and Jerusalem are the next ‘settlements’ to be conquered.” — Geert Wilders

“Reality is relentless. Even if you control the media, reality wins in the end.” — Maggie’s Farm

“I think we will survive, barely, as Obama learns each day that China, Iran, Russia, Syria, and Turkey do not behave like professors at Columbia, the law school dean at Harvard, or the community activist board in Chicago.” — Victor Davis Hanson


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