There is a lot of speculation concerning the Gulf Oil disaster, that it was deliberately sabotaged. I don’t place much faith in that contention but I do like to see how other people think.

Speculation says it was sabotaged in order for Obama to further restrict oil production. This leads to higher gasoline prices which, in theory, will lead to more use of alternatives such as solar and wind power. Some have stated that gasoline prices in the $7 to $8 per gallon range would make it economically feasible to switch to alternatives.

And is it a coincidence that Obama is now pushing his Cap and Trade legislation? Remember how the democrats see opportunities in disasters.

And others claim that there is some kind unholy alliance with OPEC that is desirous of a co-dependency with one another. We buy their oil and they invest in our securities.

The Peak Oil theory is also bandied about by the hand-wringers to convince us to switch to alternative sources of energy. On the other hand, others claim that oil is renewable and seeps upward from deep within the earth.

A lot of speculation. Who really knows the truth?


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