Turkish terror

This week Turkish forces invaded Iraq and its warplanes bombed 7 Kurdish villages killing a teenage girl and wounding her mother and 3 year old sister. A week ago Iran had done the same things, killing a 14 year old girl and a 45 year old woman. There are no shouts of protest. No worldwide demonstrations. The Obama administration and the media did not deliver any lectures on disproportionate force. Not even when Erdogan vowed to drown the Kurdish rebels “in their own blood”.

Instead Ambassador James J. Jeffrey slavishly rushed to assure Turkey’s Thug in Chief Erdogan that the PKK was also America’s enemy and promised to “urgently” review any request for help against them. No such help was offered to the Kurds, whose villages were being bombed from the sky using planes sold to Turkey by the United States. Despite the fact that Iraqi Kurds, unlike Turkey, supported the US liberation of Iraq. Because that’s what friends of the United States get from the Obama Administration. A kick in the face. And what our enemies get is a slobbering kiss on the cheek.



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  1. I know Turks and I like them. They have no problem with genocide though. They never have and they’re not going to change anytime soon. They make the Iraqis and Iranians seem like bleeding hearts.

    They’re our friends because they make great soldiers. Stone fuckin’ killers. They don’t worry about that “Just War” crap. If you had about ten million well armed Turkish soldiers, you could take over the World, pronto. I’m just glad there’s not likely to be that many of them anytime soon.

    The Turks greatly admire and emulate Germany and German culture. Many Turks have gone to live there and still do. If the feeling ever becomes mutual and those two countries get together, hello Fourth Reich.

    Comment by reddog | June 25, 2010 | Reply

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