If someone is killed by a person with a shovel, should the shovel manufacturer be held liable? As silly as that may sound, this is precisely the argument being expounded in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston and New Orleans, where suits have been filed against gun manufacturers seeking damages for the misuse of their products.

A blatant anti-gun agenda is being pressed onto a largely unaware American public. It continues unabated even after our elected representatives in Congress last year failed to pass further restrictive anti-gun legislation and recent studies which show that communities allowing citizens to carry handguns experience a sharp drop in violent crime.

You would think that in a nation which prides itself on being a participatory democracy, that the folks who want to disarm America would take no for an answer and yield for a while.

More here at A View from Marrs


June 29, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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