If you’re wondering why the recession seems to be lingering on and on, perhaps it’s because of the Keynesian policies that the democrats espouse. Here’s a quote from John Maynard Keynes…

“The government should pay people to dig holes in the ground and then fill them up…The point is it doesn’t matter what they do as long as the government is creating jobs”.

This philosophy helped extend the Great Depression far beyond its expiration date. FDR’s Keynesian policies kept the nation in recession far longer that it should have.

Democrats don’t seem to understand that there’s a huge difference between jobs that actually produce something of value and jobs that are meaningless and trivial like digging and filling holes. Maybe they should examine the economies of Cuba, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union for clues.

Look for the recession to continue until they discover otherwise. Or a change in regimes.


June 29, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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