To Democrats a fascist is anyone who disagrees with them. To Republicans a fascist is someone we defeated in World War II.

“Fascism, socialism, communism, etc., are all left-wing phenomemnon — variations on statism. All have the same thing in common: centralized state control. The difference is the central organizing rationale, whether ultranationalism (fascism), economic (socialism), religious (theocracy), etc.”

“After World War II, Stalin started the meme that fascism was a right-wing phenomenon in order to disassociate himself from the fact that he was buddy-buddy with the Nazis before they turned on him.”

“On a left-right scale, statism is on the left and its most extreme form is utter totalitarianism. To the right is the opposite: increasing individual liberty enabled by decentralized government.”

“Liberalism is fascism minus belligerent nationalism.”


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