Nation of Islam

Many have now conveniently forgotten just what The Nation of Islam believed and why it was an offense to serious political engagement. Before falling out with the cult, Malcolm X clarified its beliefs as the Nation’s most popular spokesman. His attacks on the cult seem to have led directly to his assassination, if we are to believe what Louis Farrakhan says in the film “Brother Minister.”

According to the X-man, the Nation had taught him nothing but lies he felt compelled to repudiate. The Nation believed that the white man was a “grafted” creature made in a laboratory by a mad black scientist named Yakub. The loony scientist did the dirty deed 6,000 years ago, intent on destroying the world. “Mother ships” were circling the Earth and waiting for the cosmic order to rain fire on the United States, which was prophesied to burn for 777 years. And so on.

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