We have now entered a period of extreme danger for the United States.

The American economy is fragile. Jobs are not being created. At best we have a jobless recovery. At worst we are headed back into a period of slow or non-growth. Maybe not a technical recession (6 months of negative growth) but is certainly feels like one. Anecdotally, there suddenly appear to be more For Sale signs on residential properties and more Store Closed signs on soon-to-be empty storefronts.

The Gulf Oil Disaster – G.O.D. – is an eerie precursor for the incompetence of the Obama Administration. They are indeed the Gang that Can’t Govern Straight.

Whether it be to move Left on the economy when the whole world – even former socialist nations like Britain, France and Germany – is moving Right and trying to get government spending under control. The sight of Obama up in Toronto at the G-20 lecturing all his fellow leaders on the need for even more government spending to stimulate the economy was almost laughable, if it wasn’t so sad.

Or when almost 70% of the American people are apoplectic over the never-ending influx of illegals into our nation, Team Obama goes out of its way to oppose those people and take Arizona to court over a bill that all of the nation wants for their state, too.


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