Science or Religion?

Physics generally, and quantum mechanics in particular, is so odd that it screams philosophy. “Counter-intuitive” is the usual description of the laboratory results, which means that the world behaves in ways that we would not expect, and that, frankly, don’t make sense. Confronted with real results that appear to contradict our assumptions, we are burdened with the task of reevaluating our assumptions. That is philosophy, is it not?

These pages attempt, first, to report the laboratory results. Nevermind that they don’t make any intuitive sense. Those are the results. You should know how nature behaves. Second, we attempt to make sense of the results — cavalierly disregarding the advice of many a learned sage counseling that we would do better just to forget about it. The focus is on information, as has been recommended by many physicists. The conclusion here is that the universe is both information and information processing. The universe is the manifestation of a computer and its programming.

If the universe is a computer running along conventional programming lines, then who are we? And who programmed this virtual reality simulation? And why? That is philosophy, certainly. And it is religion. And it is still science.

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