Professional Left

…there is a class of people with radical leftist views who have made it their job – with the help of abundant grants, foundations, and trusts – to carry out propaganda campaigns, indoctrinate, subvert, and plant the seeds of the leftist worldview in people’s minds through the arts, media, education, blogging, and street protests. For many it’s the only income they’ve had in years. As with most professional enthusiasts, after a while the pre-paid idealism gives way to cynicism, and the quest for truth turns into a mechanical repetition of talking points.

In today’s busted economy, the Professional Left remains the only booming sector. It has grown so big, it’s time they unionized – which may be a good thing, for it will definitely reduce their productivity and make them go bust, just like the auto industry. That’s when the American economy may finally start booming again, since there definitely is a reverse correlation between the two. But then, I’m afraid, the cycle will repeat, because the Professional Left tend to multiply faster in a booming economy with plenty of trickle-down opportunities. When a tide lifts all boats, it also lifts flotsam and jetsam.

…and never forget that their morals are crooked, their logic is flawed, their honor is stolen, their motives are corrupt, their methods are criminal, and their goal is a disaster.


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