In Islam, the definition of “peace” is the absence of all opposition to Islam. Islam divides the world into two parts: the Dar al Islam (the House of Islam), and the Dar al Harb (the House of War – notice that it’s not the House of non-Islam; Islam is commanded to be at war with anything not in the Dar al Islam). Thus, when Muslims proclaim they want “peace” what that means is that when the entire world is brought into the Dar al Islam (IOW, when Islam conquers the world) then the world will be at “peace”.

The Muslim definition of peace has nothing to do with tolerance, understanding, negotiation, compromise, “getting along” with others, or any of the common connotations Westerners associate with the term. To Muslims, the only way they can ever be at peace with these “others” is for them to submit to Islam.

An interesting parallel to this definitional problem is found in socialist/marxist theory. In socialism, the definition of “peace” is the absence of opposition to socialism. IOW once the whole world is brought under the rule of socialism it will be at “peace”. Sound familiar? What it boils down to is that to Islam and socialism are both totalitarian ideologies and to them the term “peace” describes the state of being that exists when they have triumphed.



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