Civil liberties

Harken back to a bygone era with me, a time when our civil liberties were under constant threat from the proto-fascists in the Bush Administration. They wanted to tap our phones and see what books we were getting from the library. Candidate Obama himself went on national TV and said the President didn’t believe in the Constitution.

Now imagine the following scenario. President Bush speaks against the free speech of private individual. He asks the Secretary of Defense to call this person and try to dissuade him from exercising said speech. His Secretary of State echoes his call to silence speech. And the FBI is sent to speak with the man on two occasions. Do you think the folks at the NY Times would have had anything to say under such circumstances? Can you imagine the head-twisting outrage of Keith Olbermann “You, sir, mock the very Constitution our nation is based on, even as you send our young men and women to Afghanistan to defend it!”

And yet, in the last week President Obama has done all of this and there has been nary a peep of protest from the left. Why is that?



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