The Democrats are so arrogant and vacuous, they think they need to simply do a better job of talking down to the great unwashed, so that the mouth breathers finally “get it” why rampant, unchecked leftism is really, really, in their best interests after all. Brain dead and arrogant…they will never get the message being sent back. “You don’t need to talk more, you need to listen…jackass.”

The Republicans know they have some sort of advantage, they simply don’t grasp what it is….and what it isn’t. They can’t harness it, because they are …in typical fashion…running around in circles, trying to react from a standard playbook that doesn’t apply any longer. They don’t grasp what the Tea Party is all about, they don’t grasp why “nice guys” are being tossed aside, they don’t understand how to capitalize on the tsunami roaring toward November.



September 16, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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