When I was younger I spent about one year in Paris, France and about one year in Stuttgart, Germany.

It was strange that most French people do not speak English. You’d think that the English language would be fairly common in a country that was liberated from the Nazis by English speaking soldiers from the U.S. and Britain. You’d think they would be grateful to us for what they did. Well if you did think that, you’d be dead wrong. The French are arrogant, effeminate weasels who despise Americans and our culture.

In contrast, we bombed Germany down to rubble and killed their soldiers with a vengeance. You’d think they would hate Americans. But you’d be wrong again. Almost everyone speaks enough English to converse. And almost every German home I was invited to had photos of John F. Kennedy hanging on the living room walls. The common people were marvelously friendly and generous.


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