The public school system is not passively bad. It is actively — malignantly — bad. I’m not going to put any caveats in there. I’m sure there are many, many public educations that are worse than what we experienced, but even the best of them are very, very bad. Scholastically, they are inflexibly wedded to discredited approaches to teaching. No matter how many hundreds of thousands of subliterate and innumerate adults the public schools turn out, they refuse to acknowledge that all the “improvements” they’ve introduced in the last fifty years have been unmitigated failures. Then they demand more money and power. Not over your children; they have all the power there is over them already. Now they’re going to tell you what to do, holding your kids as hostage.

We have had personal experience with “zero tolerance” policies at schools our own children attended, and can testify that what they really mean is that the school administrators will tolerate no brake on their behavior. They will brook no discussion of their approach. The rules will be enforced capriciously, and the whim of a public school administrator can seem very capricious indeed to a sensible person, but under no circumstances will any parent or any other citizen have any input into what goes on in a school anymore. It is the same dynamic that prompts poorly informed and unreasonable people to simply call anyone who questions them in any way “a denier.” It is not the issue that is being decided. Who decides is being decided. Here’s a hint, parents: It’s never you.

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  1. Most people never learn anything in school. The biggest mistake a society can make is to try and mass produce education. It’s just a waste, slows down people who are going to learn and turns the rest into failures and assholes.

    Up until the 3rd grade, I was one of the worst students in the “slow” class. About then I taught myself to read and began reading everything I could get my hands on. After that, even though I never paid attention or studied, in school, I began passing everything. I did the same thing all the way through college, faking it.

    It’s OK to have public schools but nobody should be forced to attend. If some kids just want to hang around the library and read, that should be OK too. Any thugs or bullies should be kicked out.

    Comment by reddog | October 4, 2010 | Reply

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