“The closer you come to the centers of American politics and society, the more every one begins to look the same. .. . The people who run big business bear a remarkable resemblance to the people who run big labor, who in turn might be mistaken for the people in charge of the media and the universities. They are the same people . .. most of the members of the American elites went to one of a dozen Ivy League colleges or top state universities. . . .

They talk the same. They walk the same.

This is one of the crucial reasons why the political class includes Democrats and Republicans and Independents.

They are united by goals and outlooks more than partisan policy differences.

Above all, they are united in the common conviction that they are the people best suited to run America’s governments to make political decisions, and to affect social change. They differ on specifics, but they all agree on a crucial issue: “ordinary” Americans possess neither the talent nor the temperament to make these decisions.

— Michael Lind, 1995, Harper’s magazine


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  1. The kids that go to the schools you’re talking about are already bright and know all the stuff they’re going to learn in an undergraduate “liberal arts” education anyway. What they learn at those schools is “entitlement”.

    That’s why they end up running things. They see it as their right.

    It was the same way with Annapolis grad officers in the Navy.

    It’s the same way everywhere in the World. If you think it’s going to change, you’re dreaming. Even if there is a revolution, one of the first things they do after is set up an institution teaches the “right” young people entitlement.

    Comment by reddog | October 4, 2010 | Reply

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