As I grow older I have begun reading obituaries. I don’t remember ever doing such a thing when I was younger unless it was a newspaper story of some famous person who had died.

Now I find them fascinating. Some newspapers print what could be called mini-biographies. I suppose the deceased relatives pay for such long stories. It’s kind of morbid but I enjoy reading about their spouse (or spouses), their children and their children, how far they advanced in life, etc.

It’s hard to determine the cause of death in most of these obituaries because of privacy laws, I suppose. Who would want the world to know that they died of AIDS or syphillis?

What is surprising is the age at which people die. There are a few younger people dying in auto accidents and a few women who most likely died from some form of cancer. But most of the death notices are for people in their seventies and eighties. And it seems that the older the person is…the more likelihood they lived in a rural area.

Breathing the foul air in cities probably factors in here somewhere.


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