“Clark County is where three quarters of Nevada’s residents and live and where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s son Rory is a county commissioner.” That means that Harry Reid’s son is the person in charge of overseeing the election machines that are being maintained by the SEIU. Now, why would Rory Reid be suspected of any shenanigans here? But he is. “Since early voting started, there have been credible reports that voting machines in Clark County, Nevada are automatically checking Harry Reid’s name on the ballot.”

— Mark Hemingway, Washington Examiner


October 31, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. It’s Nevada, Gary. Even if there was electronic ballot box stuffing, nobody would do anything about it. Especially in Clark County.

    They can talk all they want about how the organized crime that built Las Vegas is long gone but everybody knows they still run the town and that they are behind Harry Reid.

    Let’s see how much he wins by. If it’s more than about 4%, then there probably was fraud, not that i will matter any. It’s all right, the Repubs stuff the boxes and intimidate voters anywhere and any time they can get away with it. It’s sad but I guess it’s the way things work now and will from now on.

    How do you think they’re rigging Murkowski’s write in vote and who’s doing it. Statistically, it’s supposed to be impossible for a write in candidate to win but it looks like she might. How do you think the Repub Senate leadership will make it up to her if she wins? She doesn’t have a cock for Mitch McConnell to suck. he’ll have to think of something else.

    Comment by Dave | October 31, 2010 | Reply

  2. The RINOs are worried because if the Tea Party is successful, they are history. McCain, McConnell, Graham, Murkowski, Cornyn, etc. And don’t forget the two lesbians from Maine.

    Comment by cutshoot | October 31, 2010 | Reply

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